6.8E investigate how inclined planes and pulleys can be used to change the amount of force to move an object.


SIMPLE MACHINE- Device that makes work easier, often by reducing the amount of effort force needed to move an object.

SPRING SCALE - A tool that measures a pulling force by the tension on a spring; the force is measured in Newtons.

NEWTON - Unit of measurement for forces, measured using a spring scale.

LOAD - The object to be moved using a machine.

INCLINED PLANE - A ramp or slope that reduces the force needed to move objects up and down heights; a simple machine.

PULLEY - A device consisting of a wheel over which a rope or chain is pulled in order to lift heavy objects; a simple machine.

FORCE - A push or pull that can change the motion of an object, measured with a spring scale in Newton (N) units.

FIXED PULLEY - Attached to a structure and does not move; changes the direction of the effort force used to lift a load; a simple machine.

MOVEABLE PULLEY - A pulley attached to the object to be moved; reduces the force needed to move the object; a simple machine.

PULLEY SYSTEM - A combination of fixed and movable pulleys.


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